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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Gateway Tire Service Reopening

When the EF-3 tornado hit one of the businesses was the gateway tire service in Jonesboro.

If you’ve driven down caraway road, you may have notice construction at the gateway tire location. Retail manager Danny Cook says they are coming bigger and better.

“It’s been kind of a whirlwind. I’ve been there 32 years and having to move. We completely lost everything, so we had to move all new equipment over here and start planning on new equipment in the new store,” Retail Manager, Danny Cook said.

The new building will have 29 bays where the old building had 18 and 6 at the temporary location.

“It’ll be a whole lot easier to get people in and out. It won’t be as congested. Everything in it is going to be state of the art it going to be really nice,” Cook said.

Right now, thanks to one of their customers they are leasing a building off parker road.

It’s smaller than before but grateful for a temporary location.

“We’re just really looking forward; we’ve really been blessed to have out old customers come in here even with new customers in a kind of an out of the way place,” Cook said.

Cook says they hope their customers bear with them, the last spring early Summer 2021, they will be back rolling again.


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