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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Foundation gives out pandemic project grants to teachers

Jonesboro Public School’s Foundation awarded over $10,000 to 8 teachers.

The grants will go towards projects that promote safety and health in classrooms during the pandemic like science and music projects.

“With the grant that we just applied for we were hoping to label some of the materials in our garden to help students build their vocabulary,” Instructional Facilitator, Abbie Hailey said.

One other project was the “Rise and Shine with Vocabulary in The Gardens” at health wellness and environmental studies magnet school.

At the school they have three gardens consists of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Foundation Board of Directors President, Holly Acebo says they gave out 8 awards—with projects for science, music, and a book project about racism and anti-racism.

Acebo says they wanted to make sure the grants given out this year where flexible for students learning virtually and in person.

“These teachers took that into consideration and when they wrote the proposals, they took a lot of information that spoke to that and how they were going to involve student that were studying at home and virtually. So, the projects were very, very, very, well thought out, and took all of those things into consideration,” President foundation board of director, Holly Acebo said.

They haven’t started the project yet, but the materials have been ordered and Hailey believes they will begin in a few weeks.

She says when teachers take their students outside, this project will allow them to use everything they learned in class, outside of class.

“Learning outside is memorable it’s more fun, learning outside is encouraging and it just creates a more fun learning environment. I enjoyed going outside so our mission and our goal are to get the kids out of the chair, out of the classroom outside, and connecting what they’re learning in the classroom with what they see around them,” Hailey said.

The Jonesboro Public School’s Foundation will host a phantom event to raise fund for more grants.

Due to COVID, the fundraiser is not in person.

For more information you can visit Jonesboro Public School’s Foundation on Facebook.


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