• Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

HUB hosts free health fair to the community

JONESBORO, Ark- The HUB along with A-State Nursing, Arkansas Department of Health and St. Bernards teamed up to host a health fair.

Where HUB guest were able to receive health screenings, flu shots, and Covid testing.

“We’ve had a lot of people taking advantage of the flu shot and COVID testing, as well as the education,” says Director Kim Chase. “So, it’s been a great day so far.”

The free ticketed health fair was open to church street health and hub clients to take advantage of.

They were able to receive a flu shot from the ADH, COVID testing from a company based out of Little Rock and sign up for a mammogram through St. Bernards.

They could also get their blood pressure checked, pick out gloves, hats and receive hygiene kits, from a grant A-State Nursing received from the Arkansas Minority Health Commission to provide hygiene products for the homeless and underserve communities.

Clients also learned how to manage health issues such as diabetes and could learn C.P.R. from A-State nursing students.

Grab n’ go lunches greeted clients as they arrived for the health fair and was sponsored by AR-Care.

One A-State nursing associate professor says it is important for clients to receive health screens as winter is coming.

“The Arkansas Department of Health is really pushing for people to get their flu vaccine; because with the flu and COVID together, it can really be detrimental for people to get sicker,” says Dr. Elizabeth Nix.

“It’s really important too because a lot of things have been closed for people not being able to come and get that.

The weather is getting colder and, people are needing help now more than ever.”


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