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Free Crisis Counseling service available to all Arkansans

COVID-19 has added stress and mental strain on thousands, if not millions, of people in the us, especially Arkansans.

To help make sure every Arkansan has the resources they need to get through these stressful times, the Arkansas Department of Human Services created promoting positive emotions. To offer free crisis counseling.

“We saw the need for services. So, we wrote an initial grant which was awarded to us and then as it continued to go on, we saw that these services needed to continue as well. Because all of us are experiencing stress related to the pandemic, and to COVID-19,” project manager, Stay Positive Arkansas, Dr. Kathy Pillow-Price said.

The Stay Positive Arkansas and the promoting positive emotions or p-p-e program is administered by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Its funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and The Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Through this confidential counseling program, they want to spread the word so more people can take advantage of this program. Within the last few month, they have helped teachers, healthcare workers, and parents.

“We’ve not been through this before and since we can’t really understand yet the social, economic impact of covid-19. We know that many are experiencing unemployment, sickness, isolation, the lost of a loved one and we felt we needed to provide these free services,” Pillow-Price said.

This service is free for in person or virtual service for local behavioral health organizations including Mid-South Health Systems in Jonesboro.

“Most wonderful thing about this grant is with us partnering with local we are partnering with people who know the needs of their community,” Pillow-Price said.

For free counseling you can visit to set up an appointment.


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