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Holocaust Survivor visits Black River Technical College

In conjunction with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum this is the 14th year BRTC has held this series. Although it was done virtually, they had about 400 attendees today learn from survivor Agi Geva.

“All of the other colleges and organizations in the United States the holocaust memorial museum only allows their survivors to go over night at 8 locations overnight and we’re on of them,” Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Karen Liebhaber said.

The guest speaker this year was Agi Geva who was born on June 2, 1930. She and her family were transported, along with other Hungarian and Polish women, to the labor camp at Auschwitz.

They were trained to work in at a factory that created spare parts for airplanes.

“The survivors most of the survivors who were in the camps are the older generation and a lot of them have passed away. So, we feel really fortunate to have a survivor at all and its especially special to have one who was in the actual concentration camp and can remember it,” Liebhaber said.

With so many students with virtual learning this year and some are in school. This gave the virtual learners a chance to still be a part of this special opportunity.

“That was really helpful to the teachers to make sure in giving them away to make sure those kids still saw the same information. In general, it went fantastic the survivor was so excited, but she was really disappointed to not see people because from her angle she couldn’t see anybody,” Liebhaber said.


Registration link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F6DGK8W


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