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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Valley View School District see's an increase in quarantine, COVID numbers

JONESBORO, Ark- The Valley View School District is seeing an uptick in the amount of students and staff in quarantine or with the Coronavirus.

Even with the increase, Superintendent Bryan Russell says they have their caseload under control.

“We’re seeing an increase. Again, we’re controlling it, but we are seeing an increase,” says Russell. “Like for right now as of this morning we have 78 that we’re considered close contact that are in quarantine. 78 students and we have ten positive cases and some of those are staff.”

Overall Valley View has 41 confirmed cases’ but falls into a red zone from the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement for more than 50 cases per 10,000 residents.

Russell say’s their contact tracing team works quick if someone needs to be quarantined.

“We pull up video cameras to see the placement of the kid like during lunch, recess, all breaks if they’re older than elementary,” he said. “We trace the kid physically and, we use a tape measurer and measure the six-foot distance in classes to make sure we get everyone in close contact.”

Russell says they will continue their cleaning procedures, including fogging the inside of all buildings, school busses and frequently cleaning high touch areas.

He says they started using the fogging machines last winter due to the flu.

Russell says they plan to continue in-person learning as their total absent rate is below 20%.

“If we can stay under 560 people quarantined or out of school for illness,” said Russell. “As long as we stay beneath that, I think we are able to continue going to school.”

Russell also thanks parents for monitoring their kids and keeping them at home if they are ill.

He says that is one of the best ways to keep viruses out of school.


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