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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Historic Collins Theater celebrates 95th birthday

With 95 years of music and history at the Collin Theater in Paragould, they are wanting performers to help them in this celebration for a Facebook live birthday show.

“It’s just really exciting for all of us and so many who still remember going when they were younger and telling their stories. We hope to keep that going for as long as we possible can so, looking forward to our next 95,” The Collins Theater manager, Joy Robinson said.

One October 15, 1925 the capitol theater now known as the Collins Theatre held its grand opening.

It’s been a home to movies, musical review shows, theatrical productions, and home for the ultimate oldies show.

During the pandemic, Facebook live shows have been a great avenue for the theater.

“We decided a few of us put our heads together and thought let’s do a small show. Nothing to lengthy that would celebrate the history of our country as well as locally and the Collins with little tid bits of history and songs that was prominent in certain areas,” Robinson said.

The theater will have donation links available; all donations are appreciated and tax deductible. It’s not required but appreciated.

To celebrate, they will producing a Facebook live birthday show. They are looking for singers, dancers, and musicians who would be interested in helping them recreate the last 95 years in music and history.

“Just to showcase the talent that we have here in our area. So, we’re hoping for tons of submissions. We’ll find a spot for as many people as we possibly can,” Robinson said.

Robinson says for if you’re a perform you understand how this helps so many people like with depression, a social issue and feeling included.

She says performing is a part of who you are and want to help those people do that.

“We feel like it’s really important for the performers as well as those watching in the community but more so the performers, there’s really no way to explain it unless you’ve been a performer then you get it. It’s just part something that that part of you is missing and its just a part of your heart and soul, performing,” Robinson said.

The last day to send in audition videos is Sunday October 25th. Email all audition videos to


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