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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas Department of Health gives do's and don'ts for a safe Halloween

JONESBORO, Ark- While Halloween will look very different this year, there are creative ways to continue the festivities.

But, the Arkansas Department of Health says you need to be smart about how you plan to celebrate as coronavirus cases are rising in the region.

“We definitely have to do Halloween in a very different way this year,” says physician Dr. Joel Tumlison. “Those who are in quarantine, those who are in isolation just, need to not participate in Halloween activities that aren’t virtual or remote this year.”

Northeast arkansas continues to lead the state in rising COVID numbers.

With multiple counties having the highest case count in the state. “Northeast region is over week-to-week grew by 8.3%,” says Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Parents should limit the amount of homes children trick-or-treat at and should only eat wrapped candy after cleaning it.

The ADH also gives parents alternate ideas such as outdoor scavenger hunts, and virtual Halloween costume contests as large trick-or treating groups are not encouraged.

“Put a table or something out at the end of your driveway that’s a safe distance from your door,” he said. “You can still see people and say “hi” but you’re a safe distance away, more than six feet, twelve feet would be even better. Then, the candy would be better to be put in individual zip-lock bags. In its own wrapper, but individual zip lock bag.”

Halloween changes aren’t just for kids, Dr. Tumlison says if you plan to attend a Halloween party, ask questions.

“What’s the distancing in that room? It’s not that you can’t have a party, but can you do it socially distance,” Dr. Tumlison said. “Often Halloween the weather is nice enough to have it outside. If you’re gonna do something with your friends probably better to do it outside.”

He also says you might want to skip the haunted houses this year.

“What do we do in a haunted house? Everybody presses up together and, then all of a sudden everybody screams really loud and, then we expel Coronavirus all over the place,” he said.

A no contact PVC pipe candy chute is strongly encouraged for trick or treaters as it promotes social distancing.


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