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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Osceola School District incorporates "Blended Wednesdays" into schedule

OSCEOLA, Ark- Yesterday mark the first day of “blended Wednesdays” for the Osceola School District. Assistant superintendent Toriano Green says it was a very successful and beneficial day for students and teachers.

“First day, we were really excited, and the kids seemed really receptive,” says Green. “Parents were thankful and, our teachers were the utmost thankful. This allowed us the time for our teachers to take the time to continuously plan. They can serve and make appointments with our students that were virtual, as well as our on-site students.”

Green says prior teachers were fatigued, stressed, and staying up late working due to teaching both on-site and virtual at once.

This allowed for students and parents to meet one-on-one with teachers to assist in schoolwork intervention.

Teachers met with families yesterday via zoom, google classroom and over the phone. He says this also allowed them to continue to navigate the virtual learning world.

“Even though we had time at the beginning of the year, it wasn’t enough time to truly prepare for what the demand truly was asking for teachers on a daily basis,” he said. “We had to find some creative way to help alleviate that pressure."

The change applies for all K-12 grade students in the district. While they aren’t in school on Wednesdays, students still receive breakfast and lunch on the day.

Green says while some students are exceling, but, of their over 300 virtual learning students, over 200 of them were failing, so the district knew they needed to do something.

He says this will get students back on track academically and assist students with schoolwork.

Green says they hope to finish out blended Wednesdays each week through the end of the semester.

As long as the state continues to support it. He says they plan to re-evaluate if it will continue.


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