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A-State students reflect on current semester

Arkansas State University recently announced their plans for the spring 2021 semester.

Today I talked with students who said the beginning of the semester was challenging but with the precautions the school has put in place entering the new semester is not as difficult as before.

“Because it is such a drastic change from what we’re used to its been good. I think managing your time is definitely the best way to keep up with all your classes and professors,” Junior A-State student, Megan Atkins said.

In a letter to the A-State community, Damphousse said they plan to keep with the current spring 2021 academic calendar starting on January 12, 2021.

They will continue with the in-person and hybrid learning.

“The online class are a little more challenging than the face to face classes just because I don’t feel like I can connect as well with my instructors, sophomore A-State student, Kaliyah Rivera said.

Damphousse does mention the plans could change.

The university currently have 44 current active covid-19 cases at a-state. 9 students living on campus, 24 students off campus, 10 employees, and 1 vendor.

A-State students say since the university has done a good job in keeping them up to date and safe with the rules in place returning in the spring will be a good idea.

“So, I would be comfortable coming back. I would prefer coming back just because our resources are on campus. Being at home it’s not the same. Being away from campus is more challenging than being on campus,” Rivera said.

“I think keeping it this way I don’t see as much danger with it since most of us are online. I think if we keep falling the rules and regulations, wearing the masks I think we’ll be all good,” Atkins said.

The University plans to hold their fall 2020 commencement ceremony in person the same way they did in August.


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