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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Joe Theismann visit Jonesboro with motivated speech

NFL Super Bowl champion visited Jonesboro today.

The Chamber of Commerce held their annual meeting with special guest Joe Theismann. And today he left many people inspired and motivated to make the best next step in their life.

“What a neat idea to be able to talk about the analogy of the world of sports and world of business. When you really think about it, it’s about our own personal lives. So, I’ll tell some stories we’ll have some fun and show how all of those three things really marry up together and that each aspect applies to each aspect of our life,” Super Bowl 17 Champion, Joe Theismann said.

Theismann shared similar perspectives that was in the same conjunction with football and in business.

“I fashion myself more of a guy like Joey Appleseed. I just want to plant some seed to individuals and you nurture it you make it grow and if you doesn’t fit you perfectly fine, at least it was something you looked at,” Theismann said.

During the luncheon Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce honored several Jonesboro residents including Emelda Williams, Jamie St. Pierre, Mayor Harold Perrin and Adam Sartin.

“Instead of talking about Change and challenge looking at it as opportunity and so, we’re looking at Christmas at the park to serve our community of Northeast Arkansas and anybody that’s welcomed to come in and say “Hey you and your family can get in your car stay safe,” Betty T. Sloan Promotion recipient, Adam Sartin said.

This year they have reworked the concession stand area so people can enjoy that experience as well. He plans bigger and better this year.

Sartin took note to what Theismann spoke on when it came to attitude and self-reflection.

“I think he best said you know “cheer yourself on.” When you get up in the morning, don’t walk in there and say oh today. Get in there and say whatever is going to cheer you up, so you can tackle the day,” Sartin said.

Joe Theismann did mention how much he enjoyed his time in town today and is looking forward to coming back again one day.


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