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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Today marks the last day to register to vote in Arkansas before the November general election

JONESBORO, Ark- If you are planning on voting in the upcoming presidential election, today is your last day to register.

Craighead County Elections Coordinator Jennifer Clack says staff are working hard to get your application is processed.

“We’ve had a nice and steady stream of people comin’ in making sure they’re registered, which we love,” says Clack. “I’m really excited that there’s people that are engaged and wanna make their voice heard. We have a lot of local races this time, and that’s really important. I know people are interested in the presidential, but I’m glad people are interested in the local races as well.”

Clack says county clerk staff are working overtime. Including all this past weekend, to make sure applications are scan into the system and ready to go for election day.

One man who registered today is reminding us all that mothers know best, and it’s never too late to register to vote.

“The only reason I’m here today is because of my mother. She told me I need to come out here and vote,” says Jeff Williams who registered to vote for the first time. “So, whatever mother tells me to do something, I have to go, do something. So, here I am, I registered after 42 years.”

You can go to and type your name, birthday and it will show you polling places near you as well as a sample ballot.

You can vote at any polling site on election day.

Applications had to be dropped off at the county clerk’s office by 5 P.M. or mailed and postmarked by October 5th for one to vote in the November general election.

Clack still encourages people to register to vote even if you missed today's deadline.

“Still come and register because we will have a runoff in the city of Jonesboro most likely and that way, you’ll be ready to vote in the runoff,” says Clack. “Then you’ll just be ready for future elections.”

Early voting starts on October 19th.

Clack says Jonesboro address changes can be completed when you come to vote.

Different county address changes must be change by October 30th.


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