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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Local organizations go into the community to register people to vote

The last day to register to vote is swiftly approaching.

Many A-State students and local organizations wanted to do something different when it came to voter registration. They say the best way to reach people is to go to them instead of making them come to you.

“We encourage people to vote to seek change. We want them to let their voices be heard. We want them to say and voice their opinions and the only way we can actually see the change that we want is for them to vote,” executive board member, A-State NAACP, Autumn Davis said.

Many students are going door to door while the others have tables set up for a drive by style registration.

NAACP is known for voter registration and for this student group right now this is their main focus.

“We had one last weekend which was very much successful and so we just hope to keep our voter registration going up and just get more votes and voices out there,” Davis said.

These organizations have been doing this every Saturday all month long in different areas and tomorrow is the last Saturday.

The last day to register to vote is Monday October 5th and early voting starts October 19th.

Davis knows people will vote differently but the most important part is that it’s something they can stand by.

“Everyone’s change and everyone’s reasons, everyone’s why is different. But we know that they want it to be heard and you want a difference, you want a change then you must create it. You must make that change yourself. The only person that can change it is you,” Davis said.

The different groups will be set up outside The Salvation Army in Jonesboro from 10:30 until 12:30 tomorrow.


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