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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

St. Bernards changes visitor policy for OGBYN Associates appointments

JONESBORO, Ark- St. Bernards medical center is now allowing expecting mothers to have a support person at their ultrasound appointments.

Media Relations Manager Mitchell Nail says the change wasn’t just from recent feedback.

“We wanted to make sure that the support person feel that they are part of the process and pregnancy process,” says Nail. “That’s a critical part. So, we’re opening up one support person to be with pregnant mothers.”

A support person is allowed in the delivery room during the birthing process, but previously weren't allowed at appointments, until now.

Nail says support persons will be able to attend obstetrician and anatomy ultrasounds.

The change is based less on feedback but more on science of how support persons help.

The policy will be voted on weekly and says it could change depending on the amount of COVID cases in the area.

“We don’t want to find ourselves in a scenario when we’re compromising the health of mothers, babies or staff,” according to Nail.

Previously, St. Bernards OBGYN Associate patient Vanna Headley was told they hadn’t changed the policy due to few complaints.

She took to Facebook to post her frustration, which went viral.

Headley says she’s thankful for the change.

“The fact that it’s official, and moms that had an appointment yesterday could bring a support person is amazing,” says Headley. “We actually made a difference. There are going to be a lot of extra emotional pregnant moms around here."

Nail says this went into effect yesterday.

He also encourages people to video chat during appointments with loved ones so the whole family feels involved.


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