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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Jonesboro's HUB hosts free flu shot, COVID testing clinic

JONESBORO, Ark- The Jonesboro HUB along with the Arkansas Department of Health, partner to hosts a free flu shot and COVID testing clinic today for the homeless.

Executive Director Kimberly Chase says they want to get everyone vaccinated. “Our homeless, the access to healthcare for our homeless can be very challenging,” says Chase. “A lot of the times they don’t have access at all. So, this was one way to offer some health care.”

The clinic went from 1-3 with free lunch served before.

Chase says with hospitals working overtime and running out of space due to the virus, they hope the testing and, flu shots will keep some people out of the emergency room.

This comes as we head into the fall and winter, when health professionals worry of possible rise in COVID and flu cases at the same time.

“With the combination of the flu season and COVID, it’s going to be even more important this winter season to give our homeless every opportunity to stay healthy,” she says.

Chase says they’re hoping for a big turnout for the clinic today.

With many people waiting in line before it began. she says they’ve been giving out masks and hygiene bags every Tuesday and Thursday, to keep homeless individuals safe and healthy.

“We’re just trying to keep them healthy. By keeping them healthy, we are keeping us healthy,” Chase said. “Cause, if we’re not here, then that’s even another resource that’s going to be non-existent to them."

The HUB will host another flu shot clinic on October 29th.

They are also in need of donations, from toe and hand warmers, socks, coats, and high in protein, individually wrapped food items.


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