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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Workout Anytime gym clean and friendly for all residents

For just over a year a half ago the owners began a mission to create a gym that was convenient and friendly for Jonesboro residents. So, for them tomorrow begin that journey.

“Workout anytime is super excited to be the neighborly gym and our first endeavor is going to be here at Hilltop and we’ve already signed up so excellent Charter members and we’re looking forward to providing them a fitness experience seconded to none,” Wade Quinn said.

Ben Tracy, and Luke McCartney were working as general contractors with NMcCartney construction when they met wade who owns several businesses in the area.

Fitness was already a part of Ben and Luke’s background, but Luke recruited wade to join them in ownership since wade had been wanting to dive in the boutique gym business.

The gym has equipped with some of the best, brand new, equipment that caters to everyone’s needs; like their 3-d body scan.

Due to the pandemic, they will use a system called the air fix to help thoroughly clean the gym and air.

“It drops hydrogen molecules to kill surface bacteria and prevent disease spread so, we’re really excited about that.”

They currently have 3 fitness consultants who are current a-state students—giving them the best hands on experience in the health and fitness world.

Wade and owners are striving to have everything you need for a clean and safe environment.

“The main thing about our gym is they’re going to be friendly, and that’s what its all about. We want to be the neighborly gym where everybody knows your name like cheers.”

The gym will open tomorrow for current and potential new members. They are located in the shoppes shopping center on East Johnson and looking forward to seeing the new faces.


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