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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Craighead County emergency management shares tips on storm safety

They say the best way to stay safe is to always have a plan in place. With the recent tornadoes, northeast Arkansas residents have had in the last few months, preparation is now a major priority.

“Always be aware of your surroundings. Our youngsters are taught now we have fire drills in school and tornado drills in school and unfortunately, we have to have active shooter drills in school, but it all goes back to being aware of your surroundings. And if I’m here. Where’s my safe spot,” director, Craighead County Emergency Service Management, Anthony Coy said.”

Craighead County Director for emergency service management, Anthony Coy encourages people when there is a potential tornado, to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Such as getting to the center of your building and staying away from windows.

This is the time to be planning for gray sky days. Children you have to plan for or the possibility of leaving your home to go to a shelter or storm center.

Clear all gutters, of debris, keep phones charged and have a safety kit available.

Coy says being prepared can help you stay safe and calm during severe weather. Whatever planning you can do to take away injuries or death to yourself or loved ones is the number one priority in preparing for any kind of disaster.

Well, it’s always important to know well if this happens this is what I’m going to do. Just think about it ahead of time because you make better decisions when you do that. If your excited, or injured or scared, or all of the above, and you have to make a decision now on what I need to do, most likely, we, me include may not make the best decisions,” Coy said.

For more information on emergency preparedness you can visit ready dot gov and for all notifications on local weather on our KJNB weather app.


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