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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Crowley's Ridge State Park Labor Day Activities

This Labor Day, Crowley’s Ridge State Park is ending their summer activities a lot different than last year.

Due to covid-19 they have had to change a lot of things including canceling their annual watermelon eating contest and several other group activities. But that didn’t stop the families from enjoying their time together today.

“We would be down at the beach and just be very involved and maybe have a sandcastle building contest or a lot of recreation type things. Or we would have things like snake programs and nature programs that we would just invite all of the kids and families to gather around and learn a little bit about,” Assistant Superintendent, Mary Buchman said.

Buckman says they are still doing things similar just in a smaller way.

All their facilities are all open, with swimming, boating, kayak, or even picnicking and BBQ available for families.

The things they couldn’t do include interpretative programs or anything that encourages a lot of people to gather together—to follow the social distancing guidelines.

But since being their reopening, they have seen record numbers in guest attending the park, taking advantage of the park's walking trails and fishing.

Mary buck-man says they are looking forward to bringing old traditions back next year, so new visitors can get the full experience of Crowley’s Ridge.

“My favorite thing and you always have to find a bright spot in a bad situation. The pandemic has brought to the parks a lot of people that have never been to the park before and we’re looking forward to continuing welcome those people and have a new user group. People that may not have been here before but are now making this their home as well,” Buckman said.

Buckman says they are thankful to the people who have followed social distancing and wearing their masks when needed. Resulting in one of their employees being exposed to the virus so far.


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