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Residents react to CDC preparing for possible COVID-19 vaccine

The Federal Government has told states to prepare for a coronavirus vaccine to be ready to distribute by November 1.

Some of the people I talked to today were unaware of a vaccine for COVID-19 possible becoming available in November. But some Jonesboro residents were thrilled at the news and others not so much.

“If it’s FDA approved and proven to work, I’ll be first in line to take it,” Jonesboro resident, Dennis Dreyer said.

The Arkansas Department of Health says they received news from the CDC of the vaccine at the beginning of August.

Nine vaccines are in the phase three trial—which is the last step before approval.

“So many people have died from it, some people have been in ICU because of it, and I think it’s definitely something people would jump on including myself,” A-State student, Kimberly Troup said.

The health department has created a committee to work on the details on how to prepare.

There isn’t a set vaccine that has been approved yet, but they are working to know when it will become available.

One Jonesboro resident did hear about the vaccine but has concerns about it.

“I don’t know that I would feel comfortable getting the vaccine right now. I think it might be a little too early. I would feel more comfortable if they were able to test it maybe a little longer but right now I don’t think I would get one.”

Health officials have not shared which groups would receive the vaccine first. But Jonesboro residents feel it should be younger children or those that are high risk.

“I would say children because they are our future. We have had our chance,” Dreyer said.

“The people who are high risk of being affect horrible by COVID should be treated first,” Troup said.

According to the CDC planning documents, if the vaccine is approved, it would become available early November with supplies increasing in 2021.


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