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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

A-State with 56 positive COVID-19 cases

A-state has officially been in school for one week but with COVID cases increasing.

According to officials, today the school has 10 positive cases of students living on campus—45 students living off campus, 0 employees, 1 vendor or contactor. With a total of 56 positive covid-19 cases.

“When we look across campus, and you see the vast majority of students are wearing there masks, they’re staying separated from each other, they’re doing the same thing in the classrooms, it’s good to see they are doing their part to try to limit the spread,” Chief communication officer, Bill Smith said.

Those individuals who have tested positive are in isolation. As university housing has designated certain housing for those needing to be in isolation

“We do want to try and be aggressive. We do want to remind people that if your asked to isolate or your asked to quarantine, please do so. It’s not just for you, its for your friends, families, your classmates, your instructors,” Smith said.

These numbers are based on self-reporting to the Delta Population Heath Institute of NYITCOM at Arkansas State.

Compared to the students at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, they have reported 151 more confirmed cases, making their total number of active cases to 222.

Smith says, the better chance they have of separating those that have been exposed from others, the better chance they have of limiting the spread.

“The key in all of this at our University and any university, is fast responses, especially in the contact tracing. So, we have been encouraging our students if they feel like they have covid-19 symptoms, go get tested. If you feel like you’ve got those symptoms, isolate yourself right now and go get tested. It’s all about separation,” Smith said.

To stay updated on A-State case numbers, and what to do, visit and search campus COVID-19 report.


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