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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

30% of Cross County High School teachers in quarantine, classes resume in-person

CROSS COUNTY, Ark- Cross County High School students started their week off by learning virtually.

Superintendent Nathan Morris says the change of in person leaning was necessary after 30% of the high school teachers are in quarantine.

“We all knew that this is something we knew was going to happen,” says Morris. “We knew we would have positives; we knew we would have quarantines. We just didn’t realize that we might would have 30% in week one or at the end of week one.”

Morris says the virtual day on Monday was necessary for a smooth rest of the week, allowing for them to plan the next four days.

The school did call in two substitutes and a teacher from the elementary school to help teach today.

Despite not having teachers be physically in the classroom, Morris says today is going well.

“So, those teachers that are quarantining are actually zooming in as we speak to their classes,” says Morris. “A couple of our classes we had to get TVs into to make sure we had all the iPad's set up to where those teachers could communicate with the class. Not only can students see the teachers, but teachers can see students.”

The district did follow their return to learn plan for virtual learning yesterday.

With each student having a school issued laptop, Morris saying distributing school work is not a problem when they have to go virtual.

He says their issue is some of their students don’t have internet access at home.

“We need to have broadband internet services to remote areas of our country. Just like running water, and electricity are,” says Morris. “On a one-day spur of the moment decision, what will happen is we will get them their documents downloaded today when they get to class along with today's work. They will be able to work it out over the next couple of days."

If the district does have to move to virtual only, Morris says they will give students without internet access a flash drive.

It will be full of that current week’s lesson plans and videos.

He says it’s all about keeping students safe while continuing learning.


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