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Red Cross preparing for the affects from Hurricane Laura in Northeast Arkansas

JONESBORO, Ark- While the gulf coast will receive a direct hit from hurricane Laura, northeast Arkansas will receive the aftermath.

Bringing torrential rains, gusting winds, and the possibility of a tornados.

The American Red Cross is starting to prepare.

“We do have clean up kits that we can get out that we’re strategically placing all throughout Arkansas,” says Disaster Program Manager for the Northeast Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross, Dean Hannah. “Working with our entire disaster cycle services team to make sure we’re ready if we need to do sheltering or if we need to work with one of our partners to get evacuee shelters."

Hannah says they are preparing for possible extensive wind damage and flash flooding. Hurricane Laura, a category 4 hurricane is expected to make landfall late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, while hitting Arkansas Friday.

Hannah says they are identifying areas for possible flooding and sending volunteers to distribute kits and assist if help is needed once the storm hits.

“Our emergency response vehicle just left heading to Tuckerman,” says Hannah. “We kinda identify areas that flash flood a little more and we try to be prepared and make sure those people are taken care of."

Hannah says he is in contact with the red cross in Texas and Louisiana.

With the shortage of volunteers due to COVID-19, he says that is a talking point while preparing for this severe weather.

"That’s a call that we’ve been on for the last couple of days is seeing where we are with volunteers in our own area,” says Hannah. “We feel pretty confident that we have enough in our area. We have sent some to Houston and Louisiana."

Hannah says they are actively looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Red Cross, you can go to

Stay tuned to KJNB Fox and CBS for the latest information about Hurricane Laura and it’s effects on northeast Arkansas.


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