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Nettleton students first day of school, but with a new look

Today is the day many schools have prepared for, the first day of school, but with a new look.

Nettleton School District opened their schools but with a staggered schedule so at university heights they had all girls attending and tomorrow all boys. One parent was not nervous at all about sending her children to school today.

“My daughter is here at University Heights in Pre-K and my son’s in Junior High in the 8th grade. They were really excited to come back to school. I was excited for them. I think the schools have done a great job with being prepared and doing everything they can to keep our kids safe and I’m real appreciative of that,” University Heights Elementary Parent, Emily Adair said.

The staggered scheduled is to bring students to school and show and teach them how things would be compared to last year.

For Nettleton Kindergarten teacher, Mitzi Young it’s her 21 year teaching and has been with Nettleton for 18 years.

“It’s been fun, it’s been interesting. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and we will learn a lot about our students in the next few days” University Heights Kindergarten teacher, Mitzi Young said.

She was able to assist with kindergarten screenings and get her classroom ready for when her students come Friday.

“We are trying to be as loving and as normal as possible. We want them to feel as safe and comfortable here at school with us,” Young said.

According to Nettleton Superintendent, their numbers today were good based on those who signed up for in-person learning compared to virtual.

“Several of our students are going to the offsite digital, but those that were supposed to attend, it looks like majority of them did show up,” Nettleton Superintendent, Dr. Karen Curtner said.

Young has also created literacy kits and math kits for individual students since they are not allowed to share.

As someone who understands how important relationships are with these students, that will last a lifetime, Young is ready to take on that mission.

“Seeing my students, getting to meet them, having them in here with me, teaching them, reading to them, that’s what I am excited about,” Young said.

All the schools are following the stagger schedule for the week. You can find the schedule on Nettleton School District Facebook.


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