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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Williams Baptist University students Rolling with the Punches in new school year

Professors and students have adjusted to a new way of attending classes. But for those at Williams Baptist, that will not stop them from leaving their impact on this campus.

“There’s a saying I learned many many years ago that has served me well, that saying is, “Roll with the Punches,” Chair of Fine Arts Department, Bob Magee.

That is what they have been doing. Since WBU students started school on Tuesday.

“We’ve had many punches this week, we’ve learned to be flexible and roll with the punches, every punch,” Magee said.

One student says university officials met with students before classes to find out how they felt before returning to campus -- and what the university could do to make the students feel safe while on campus.

“That really meant a lot to know that the school really cared about that as well because something that I know is just as important as keeping us safe is wanting us to feel safe,” Senior WBU student, Caleb Harris.

Students received COVID kits with hand sanitizer, masks, sanitizing wipes, and a thermometer when they moved in.

Tables in the dining hall have been moved around, to create that safe environment everywhere.

“It’s not too different where it gets hard to handle how everything goes. I think the school made it at least doable and still has the same energy this year,” Harris said.

Educators have been given shields for their desks -- and masks for when they're not at their desks.

“One reason why, we’re doing all these things, we want to be able to continue because a lot of people are going online out of necessity, and we’re trying to make this work so we don’t have too,” Magee said.

Since the students have iPads and recorded lectures students will on track no matter what happens.


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