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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

County says they are prepared and ready for increase in absentee ballots

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- Many people worrying about in voting the November general election due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Craighead County Election Coordinator Jennifer Clack says they are prepared for the increase in absentee ballots, but you should still get yours in early.

“So, we’ve been preparing for about two months now actually,” says Clack.” We’ve ordered a lot of extra supplies. You’ll notice it’s not just the ballot we mail out it’s a whole packet and series of envelopes. So, we’ve got a lot of those extra. I’m already hiring a whole staff to help us.”

The Craighead County Clerks staff will also help with getting absentee ballots out to citizens.

Each packet includes the ballot and three envelopes the ballot will be put into.

Clack says multiple envelopes is to protect the ballot and voter’s privacy.

Applications are out now to request a ballot and it will be mailed to you in mid-September.

According to Clack, there are a few ways to request one.

“They can start the process by either calling the Craighead County Clerk,” says Clack. “They can call them at (870) 933-4520. They can bring up their application right there and mail it out to them. You can also go onto the Secretary of State’s website. You can just google ‘Arkansas absentee voter’ and it’ll take you there.”

Clack also puts fears to rest when it comes to worries of mail-in ballots not arriving at the correct location or not being counted at all.

“We have a very wide time frame. We’ll get those ballots out starting in mid- September and then we have until November third,” says Clack. “So, we’re very lucky here in Arkansas, we have a lot of time. Some states do not have that much time. We’ve really never had a problem getting our ballots in.”

Clack says if you don’t want to mail in your ballot, they are working on offering a drop off service.

Similar to a drive thru, with more details coming later.

But Clack says no matter how you decide to vote they will be prepared for you.

“This isn’t a surprise to any of us, so we’ve been preparing for weeks and we’re ready for this. However anyone want’s to vote whether it’s absentee, or early, or election day, we’re going to be ready for you.”

Clack says if you are voting absentee, once you get your ballot, fill it out and mail it back in right after so it has plenty of time to get there.


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