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Body of Sydney Sutherland found during search, suspect arrested

(UPDATE- 8/21 10:00 PM)

According to Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas, the body of Sydney Sutherland was found yesterday afternoon around 2 pm off Highway 18.

Sheriff Lucas previously stated a body was found but did not go into detail about the identity of it.

Sheriff Lucas has also said a Jonesboro resident is in custody on a homicide charge related to the case.

He would not elaborate on the name of the suspect or any other information.

We are told the suspect was interviewed at the Arkansas State Police office in Newport and transferred to the Jackson County Jail.

No detail are being released regarding when the suspect will make their first court appearance, where formal homicide charges are expected.

Sutherland's body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab in Little Rock for a positive identification.

Northeast Arkansas News is aware of photos and a name of a man circulating online identifying the suspect.

We will not report the name or photo as Sheriff Lucas has not confirmed either one to Northeast Arkansas News.

We will continue to update you on this story.

(UPDATE- 8/21)

Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas says a body has been found in the search for missing Sydney Sutherland.

The identification of the body has not been released as they have not been able to identify it yet.

However, Sutherland's boyfriends parents took to social media to announce the body found today is Sydney's.

Investigators found Sutherland’s phone a quarter mile away from her home along Highway 67 late last night.

Sheriff Lucas says there appeared to be no damage to the phone, debunking theories that she was hit by a car.


JACKSON COUNTY, Ark- Sydney Sutherland was last seen yesterday afternoon around 3 pm by a UPS driver, jogging on County Road 41.Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas is urging the public to come forward with any information they might have.

“We got to the scene and we’ve been working pretty much all night,” says Sheriff Lucas. “We broke down around 2 am this morning just for safety reasons. We’re looking not only on the ground, but we have air search as well. Survival flight out of Batesville, they brought out two helicopters this morning. Arkansas State Police brought their two helicopters out too last night and again this morning.”

Search parties on foot, in cars, by air, and ATV's are currently looking for Sutherland.

Sheriff Lucas says they have assistance from Jonesboro, Trumann, Newport, and Tuckerman police.

The US Marshalls and the FBI are also assisting in the case.

Sutherland worked out at the Jonesboro gym Bare Fit Personal Training Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Lucas is now working with JPD to see if there is any video footage of her there.

The last sighting of Sutherland was yesterday along County Road 41, near her residence, and where she frequently jogged.

The sheriff’s office is currently working with AT&T and Apple to ping her phone and Apple watch, which she had in her possession at the time of her disappearance.

“With the phone pings we’ve been getting from AT&T, plus the information from the people that said they saw her. It’s pretty much going to be in that general area,” says Sheriff Lucas. “That’s where we’re concentrating the most on. We don’t have any what I would call solid leads.”

Sheriff Lucas says while they can’t rule anything out, they currently do not suspect anyone in Sutherland’s family had anything to do with her disappearance.

Including her boyfriend with whom she lives with.

Sheriff Lucas is asking the public if you think you might have any information to call the sheriff's office.

He also addressed social media rumors about a truck with Texas tags in the area around Sutherland's disappearance.

“We need people to think back to where they were yesterday, and if they think they saw her at any time, I need them to call the sheriff’s department,” says Sheriff Lucas. “Any time somebody puts something like that out. We have to try and follow our leads and if that has us chasing rabbit holes when we need to be here. We need them to understand that.”

Sutherland is described as having blonde hair, brown eyes, weighing 103 pounds and is 5 feet, three inches tall.

Sheriff Lucas says someone out there knows what happened and where Sydney is, and they need to come forward.

If you have any information related to the case, you are asked to call the Jackson County Sheriff’s office at (870) 523-4842.

We will continue to update you on this story.


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