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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Craighead County Jail New Positive COVID-19 Cases

We were notified Monday Craighead County jail had its first positive case of covid-19 at the facility.

After talking with Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd, he says they have 18 positive cases and are testing further today and tomorrow.

According to Chief Deputy Justin Rolland, an inmate started feeling symptomatic over the weekend and was taken to a local hospital where he tested positive for covid-19.

The inmate was returned to the jail and placed in isolation. Rolland says the inmate was in contact with about 25-30 other inmates.

They have sent 48 tests to the Arkansas Department of Health for results and right now they have 18 positive cases with the plan to continue testing on all other inmates housed in the facility.

“We’ve been wearing masks for several months now in the detention center and that’s going to stay in place. Used as a precautionary purpose we are going to test employees also and we are creating more quarantined areas in the detention center right now,” Craighead County Sheriff, Marty Boyd said.

The facility is in constant contact with the Arkansas Department of Health and we will continue to update as we learn more.


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