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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

LEAAPing into Mental Health, with St. Bernard's hospital

Saint Bernard’s is hosting their annual leaaping into mental health even focusing on African American mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 has impacting all groups of people but for the black community the number of is 2 a half more than other groups. Pushing the LEAAP group to share tips on how to deal with those stressful situations.

Leap is the very first infinity group at St. Bernard’s that stands for, leading and emerging African American professionals.

This year’s leaping into mental health shade of survival focus is on the mental affect covid-19 has had on African Americans.

“Of that group is to recruit and retain our African American staff here at the hospital to give them ways to connect here and with the community and that’s why we do events such as this,” St. Bernard’s employee relations manager, Kinyata Gray said.

Mayor Harold Perrin proclaimed July in Jonesboro national minority mental health awareness month in follow up to last year’s inaugural mental health event.

This year’s event will feature a panel of experts discussing the mental health issues affecting children, adults and older groups due to the pandemic.

It will focus on what covid-19 is and why it’s affecting the black community like it is.

“Just having more rates of hospitalization of covid-19 and then to address what can we do mentally and physically also to stay safe for ourselves, our families and for our loved ones,” Gray said.

To join the virtually event tomorrow at 6 you can visit them on Facebook at leaaping into mental health shades of survival to participate.


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