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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Greene County Tech hosts first sporting event since March

GREENE COUNTY, Ark- Greene County Tech Junior High will host it’s first volleyball game tonight.

But due to COVID-19, you can expect multiple changes according to District Athletic Director Dale Schenk.

“We’ve had to block off every other row in our arena,” says Schenk. “We’ve made spaces in our arena for family groups to sit. If we sit as families, we’re gonna be able to get more people into our arena. When you come into our arena, we have a walkway around the top and, we’re gonna make that one direction so, we don’t have people cross paths.”

GCT Junior High will take on Pocahontas junior high tonight in a charity game benefiting the Arkansas Activities Association’s Catastrophe Insurance Fund.

The plan for the game was submitted and approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Schenk says they can accommodate up to 75 families on the guest side of the arena, with 28 family sections with two to six spots available per group.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask, something Schenk says is a small price to pay to watch a loved one play sports again.

“If my son was still playing, I would be more than happy to wear a mask to watch him play,” says Schenk. “We’re gonna need to We’re gonna need the help from our parents, kids, and everyone in our community to do the things we ask them to do so we can continue to play.”

Bathrooms will be limited to one person at a time.

After each use they will be cleaned.

Two other custodians will clean high touch surfaces such as doorknobs in the arena during the game.

Students will also be required to sanitize their hands before they enter the arena and as they leave.

Schenk says he doesn’t expect a big crowd tonight but says once the season gets underway that will change.

“Our issues will come when we have to play a seventh-grade match, a junior high match, and then a senior high match,” says Schenk. “We’re gonna have to have some creative way and, we got some plans that if we could execute them would work really well. It’s gonna take a lot of work and effort from our fans to make it work.”

Players will sit six feet apart on the bench and, like fans, they’re require to wear a mask at all times when they are not playing.

Athletes will also not be able to huddle during the game.

Schenk says they’re hoping everything will go smoothly and they will be able to play their full season.


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