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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Jonesboro citizens to vote on position 1 City Council members

A new proposed ordinance could change how residents vote for councilmembers in position 1. Councilman LJ Bryant says he believes this will allow the council to focus the individual needs of the ward specifically.

“The way it currently stands you have 12 council members, 6 are up every two years but all 12-run city wide. with 2 of them respectfully live in 6 wards,” Ward 5 Position 1 councilman, LJ Bryant said.

The Jonesboro City Council nominating and rules committee will meet on an ordinance by councilman LJ Bryant to permit the selection of the position 1 council member from each ward to be voted on by only the citizens of the ward in which they serve.

“Now you have 12 council members very focused on the big picture which is fine but we’re so focused on the big picture, it would be nice to have at least half the council focused on drainage and sidewalks and issues in their ward,” Bryant said.

This would be very similar to the legislative branch.

Bryant says this is an issue several residents brought to his attention while running for city council in 2018.

He says no matter your ideology this is a real opportunity for someone to make their voice heard and makes it easier for people to run for office.

“I just thinks its really an opportunity for us to bring government to the people and hold elected officials accountable because they’re going to be in a small area and they’re going to know their people and issues so I think this is a matter of good government that’s fair to everybody,” Bryant said.

If approved by the committee, then the city council would go to the voters this November.


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