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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

"Every Child is Ours" Groups Honor Local Postal Service

The non-profit group, Every Child is Ours, gathered several community members together to show their appreciation to their local post office.

“without ‘every child is ours’ and the post office, Tuckerman would be severely set back as a community.”

Every Child is Ours non-profit group along with visits from officials with Walmart and the local Boys Scouts, expressed their thoughts of postal service.

“The little town, if we lost our post office, we’re losing a part of our town and so we do appreciate our post office we sincerely so appreciate them,” volunteer, David Benson said.

The group says many senior citizens rely on the post office to receive not only their mail, but also their medication.

Every Child is Ours supporter, David Hargrave, says the town knows how hard it's post office works and wanted to let them know it doesn't go overlooked.

“I’m a veteran, they deliver my medication, if I have large packages, they’ll go out of the way to knock on the door, instead of having me to have to drive up. They do a lot of things to help the community and we were just showing appreciation to them,” USDA Supervisor, Every Child is Ours, David Hargrave said.

For Tuckerman, the closest post office out is in Newport or Jonesboro.

Citizens have not been notified about the post office closing at anytime, but this was their way of giving the people their flowers while they can.

“It’s our little community. It’s what we have. We don’t realize it until it’s gone and during all this corona stuff going on and the way the world is, it’s just this little small community and how they bond together, it’s great. It really is,” Benson said.

For anyone who would like to help Every Child is Ours organization in Tuckerman you can visit them on Facebook.


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