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2020 Football Media Day

Football is back but this year’s media is a little different than before. With masks and temperature checking’s... That did not stop these 24 teams from coming today and highlighting their team

“We’re looking ready for the start for sure with all the things going on in the past 6 months. But we’re excited, got a good senior class good leadership,” Wynne Yellowjackets head coach, Van Paschal.

The day is in conjunction with NEA sports and Soncom Media Production. This day gives them an opportunity to interact with the others and give the players a chance to experience a media day.

“Kind of give them a head up on what they can be looking for when the season and just telling them we lost some people but we also get to tell them about the new people coming up,” Westside warriors, River Engle.

Everyone had a face covering, and their temperature was checked.

“Everywhere you go everybody has to check your temperature, you got to wear a mask, it’s become the regular now so, it’s nothing aren’t nobody here used to,” Wynne yellowjackets, Colby Meadows.

All precautions were taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone attending.

“We just got to prepare to play. we’re looking to kind of repeat as conference championship. just keep going out there and keep playing ball games,” Westside Warriors head coach, Bobby Ingle.

For some players today this is their senior year. Going into this season, they know they want to leave it all on the field and end the season better than the last.

“I’m ready, I’m ready for it to open up, I’m ready to be able to hit people and have an actual football practice that doesn’t require us to wear masks all the time, but, I’m ready for it,” Meadows said.

But for them all today, the goal is the same a championship.

“Since It’s my last year of high school, I’m just trying to have a really good time but also trying to win football games and ultimately try to win a conference championship for the second time in a row and I just want to be the best teammate I can be and the best player I can be,” Engle said.

Make sure to keep up with your favorite team as the season begins.


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