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NYIT students conduct ride alongs with Medic One thanks to new partnership

JONESBORO, Ark- New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine students will get to add a unique experience to their medical education.

Thanks to a new partnership between the school and one health care service.

NYIT and Medic One have announce a partnership between the two.

With NYIT students riding along with paramedics, giving them an inside look into what happens before a patient arrives at the hospital.

“This is an opportunity and experience for students that they can’t really get in the ER,” says Director of Clinical Education at NYIT, Ben Woodruff.”

Third year NYIT students will be able to take advantage of the opportunity during their four-week emergency medicine rotation.

Students will spend two days riding along with EMT’s and paramedics.

They will learn and witness encounters that first responders go through.

Woodruff says this will help students treat their future patients.

“It’s still very important because that’s the patients experience,” says Woodruff. “That’s what their future patients will have gone through. So, it’s good for them to be aware of what it was like for a patient before they came in their care as an ER physician.”

President of Medic One, Ryan Kibler says he hopes the partnership continues into the future.

Saying he hopes the student doctors and paramedics will continue the relationship they’ve made from the ride along.

Kibler says this not only benefits the students, but medic one employees as well.

“Our guys spending time with doctors and getting the opportunity to ask them any questions they might have,” says Kibler. “Toss ideas around on different ways for health care. You know it’s exciting for both parties.”

Ride along have already started, with student who participated last week called it a unique experience.


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