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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas State University prepares for student move in

JONESBORO, Ark- In just a few short days a-state students will start filling the residence halls and campus.

With covid-19, the university is having to make multiple changes including staggering move in over two weekends to keep everyone safe.

“Common spaces like laundry rooms have been reconfigured to help with social distancing,” says Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Martha Spack. “Mostly all of check-in will also be outside.”

Normally, during move in volunteers would flood residence halls to help students take their belongings to their room.

That will change as they will limit the number of volunteers inside.

According to Spack, 2,900 students will be making university housing their home this year.

A-State did offer students the opportunity to have their own dorm room due to COVID-19.

The university will allow two guests to help a student move in.

“We’re doing this to promote the health of our students,” says Spack. “So, a student can bring both of their parents to help them move in and set their dorm room up the way they would like.”

Deep cleanings will continue of residence halls.

The university will also have a plan in case a student living in the residence halls tests positive for the virus.

Including accommodating them with classroom and meals.

“Our faculty are wonderful and they’re here to help our students with classwork if they were to get the virus,” says Spack. “We will also offer them delivery meals to help quarantine them and keep them isolated. We’re doing everything we can to make them comfortable while also encouraging them to stay in their dorm room.”

Move in will occur over the next two Saturday’s.

Spack says while it might look like groupings during move in, she says social distancing will be enforced.

Once the fall semester begins, only A-State students will be allowed in the residence hall


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