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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Telemedicine best thing for medical students

The students with the NYIT-COM Medical school at Arkansas State have been learning and working with this for about 4 years. They want to make sure that whatever specialty a student uses they are comfortable using Telemedicine.

“Since COVID, its clearly been a lot bigger interest and so we actually offer a certificate program. So as students go through their first and second year and third and fourth year, they not only have an opportunity to learn telemedicine but also get a certificate, so it shows that they have a greater experience,” assistant professor, Dr. Darran Sommer said.

This pandemic has brought telemedicine to the forefront as doctors work to interact with patients without infecting themselves or anyone else.

The students are being taught through lectures and labs telemedicine education, rules and regulations, billing and coding as well as making patients feel engaged.

“Try to focus the students on having good eye contact with the camera so that they have good engagement with the patients, so the patient feels connected. So, there’s certain things that we have to do that’s technology that we teach the students in that process,” Sommer said.

Although not all health problems can be treated virtually, they can still check vital signs and conditions.

This can also reduce the amount of PPE needed by health care providers.

“I don’t want them to feel that just because they are in a particular specialty that they can’t have telemedicine apart of their practice. Want them to know that no matter what they do, some portion of that can be used to help rural and underserviced communities and it not just rural a lot of urban deserts don’t have access to healthcare services and we want to make sure no matter what that we can provide healthcare to them,” Sommer said.

They are hoping the state and government continue to make telemedicine a part of the practice for the future.


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