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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Greene County Tech announces plans, guidelines for the fall

GREENE COUNTY, Ark- The Greene County Tech School District has released their “Ready to Learn” plan.

The district will give parents two choices this fall when it comes to education this fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ones called a blended option so, when kids are able to come to school safely, then they’ll do their instructions face-to-face,” says Greene County Tech School District Superintendent Gene Weeks “When we have to quarantine at times throughout the year, then they would go to online learning. The second option would be students never come on campus; they would be virtual learning.”

Classes will now start on August 24th after the governor announced a delay to the start of the school year last week.

Weeks says most parents are opting for the blended option.

He says those that choose the virtual option would still be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.

Parents have until July 31st to sign their child up for the virtual learning option.

With the rise in COVID cases, the district is strongly encouraging students where mask in classes.

They will also run normal bus schedules with students wearing required to wear a face covering.

“We’ll have masks for every student and every faculty member, says Weeks. “PPE will be important when we do have kids on campus to make sure we keep them safe. Definitely going to require mask for fourth through twelfth graders when they’re on the bus because we’re not able to social distancing.”

The district will follow Arkansas Department of Health guidelines with water fountains not being allowed.

The district is requesting students bring their own water bottle as they will be able to fill them up throughout the day.

All staff will be screened each day with weeks asking parents to screen their children each day before classes.

Weeks says they will also have shields in the classroom to protect staff and students.

“We also are building up screens for teachers to teach from behind, so it’ll be very similar to if you walked into a convenience store where people are standing behind,” according to Weeks. “Our staff will have that to help protect them and students from discharge from our mouths when we speak.”

Weeks is asking for patience from parents and also encourages them to monitor their Facebook page as they will keep providing updates.


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