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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

"My Teacher Wears a Mask" a way to help children adjust to the new normal.

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, young children as well. With the help of A-State childhood staff and UAMS has a way to help them before daycare or school.

“My Teacher Wears a Mask” is a social story created for families to use with helping children understand why their teachers are wearing a mask.

With the help of The Arkansas Department of Human Services, the authors are trying to get copies to other childcare programs.

They encourage parents to download the story and read and do the activities with their child.

Melissa Sutton, co-author says young children learn a lot through someone’s facial expressions, and this story can help children not feel scared when they return to school.

“Using visuals as this book or any book it like this teach a routine or a change or some kind of schedule it’s extremely important to provide those visuals for young children, it’s extremely important because it relieves some of that anxiety of what’s next,” co-author, Melissa Sutton said.

You can download the printable version here.


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