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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Williams Works Students to Manage and Operate The Hotel Rhea

Williams Works is giving students at the university to gain work experience and pay their tuition at the same time.

As part of the program some students at Willams Baptist University will get the opportunity to manage and operate The Hotel Rhea in Walnut Ridge.

Student manager, Brayden Brewer says this is the best want to get a real-world experience.

“When I first heard about the opportunity to be student manager at Hotel Rhea, I was really excited. It’s just an excited opportunity for me to get some real-world experience and learn things you might not be able to learn as well in the classroom,” student manager Brayden Brewer said.

The University recently signed a lease with the Snapp family LLC which has operated the hotel ray since buying and thoroughly renovating the facility in 2013

“Right now, we’ve just been trying to streamline the process of reservations and cleaning the rooms, getting the rooms ready for people to stay here,” Brewer said.

Hotel ray is on Main Street and is now a boutique hotel, with four large suites which were renovated to match the history of the facility

The Snapp family have been long time friends of WBU and they felt this would be a great way to help the initiative program at the school.

“They are at a point in their life and they’re kind of wanting to step away from that and they thought let’s offer this as an opportunity to incorporate The Hotel Rhea into the Williams Works program,” President of Williams Baptist University, Stan Norman.

Right now, the school is working on assigning the first cohort of Williams Works students to the different jobs including several on campus jobs and eagle farms.

For Brewer he is ready to put his marketing skills to use.

“The Snapp family really turned over a great hotel to us. They did a great job renovating it and I’m just really excited for because I think it’ll be great for the community and bring business in for the community and the university,” Brewer said.

For anyone wanting to reserve a room you can visit to book and have a contactless check in.


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