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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

City of Jonesboro possibly looking into mask mandate

JONESBORO, Ark- Governor Hutchinson is now allowing towns across the state to create their own mask mandates if they choose.

This is something the Mayor’s Office says they are monitoring and possibly considering but are continuing to encourage people to wear masks in public regardless.

“The Mayor, the chiefs, the directors of this city are monitoring this on a daily basis,” says City of Jonesboro Director of Communications Bill Campbell. “We’re studying what other cities are doing, what works, what doesn’t work. Obviously, other cities and other states have had much more experience with the severity of it than we’ve had.”

Campbell says they were not expecting the Governor’s announcement on Friday and the Mayor’s staff haven’t met to discuss the topic.

He says it could be brought up and debated tomorrow at the city council meeting.

Campbell also encourages people to be outdoors as the virus can spread more inside and one can social distance more.

He says they support area businesses that have mask rules but says if the city mandated it, it would be hard for the city to enforce that rule.

“It’s a whole other ballgame,” says Campbell. “If we tried to cite or call police every time you see someone without a mask it would be chaos. We don’t have the ability to enforce that.”

Campbell says they are going to continue to encourage people to be responsible with wearing a mask in public, with hopes COVID-19 cases will not rise in the area.

“The Mayor has been doing videos and explaining to people why it’s important to wear masks,” says Campbell. “We’re going to intensify that campaign if you will, of education and information about why masks are important. It’s not a political action it’s a responsible action."

Campbell says there are difference types of rules a city could put in place to enforce wearing a mask.

He says he doesn’t want the police to be called if someone is not wearing one.

We will continue to update you on this story.


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