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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Trumann Police cracking down on drinking and driving July 4th weekend

TRUMANN, Ark-The Trumann Police Department is participating in the drive sober or get pulled over enforcement campaign.

Chief Chad Henson says they will have more patrol cars out as want to make sure everyone stays safe independence weekend.

“With that we kinda stay a little more alert during these times for aggressive driving or people that might be impaired,” says Chief Henson. “We kinda double our manpower to just be ready for some type of surge or more traffic than usual.”

The Trumann Police Department posted a message on their Facebook page warning people of the dangers of driving under the influence as well as informing them that more police cars will be out.

Chief Henson says he hopes the post along with the presence of more patrol cars will deter people from drinking and driving.

He also encourages people to plan ahead to establish a designated driver before you start celebrating Saturday.

Chief Henson hopes this message will resonate with citizens.

“It’s hit home a lot of times for me over the years and this message is just like we don’t want that to be in your life, we don’t want it to hit home for you to know someone a family member,” says Chief Henson. “So, we just kinda heed our message because it’s very valid, it’s very real. We just hope you don’t have to see it in your lifetime or feel it.”

If you see a drunk driver on the road or suspect someone is driving under the influence on fourth of July you are encouraged to contact the Trumann Police Department or 911.


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