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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

St. Bernards Hospital seeking mask donations

Jonesboro, Ark- St. Bernards hospital is seeking mask donations.

The hospital requires all staff and visitors wear one and as they evaluate their covid-19 visitor policy, the foundation is wanting to make sure everyone is covered.

“We want to get people in here, we want our patients to have visitors and so in order to do that everyone has to wear a mask,” St. Bernards Foundation President Kila Owens. “Sometimes people arrive, and they don’t have a mask. Sometimes people arrive and they don’t have a mask, well we have to hand those out. So, in order for us to loosen those restrictions and get more people in we need masks."

The mask will be used for hospital visitors and at St. Bernards assisted living facilities, which will allow visitors starting July 1st.

The current hospital policy includes one patient having two caregiver guests with one allowed in the room at a time.

While no date has been set, Owens says hospital staff are in talks about expanding the policy while also keeping patients safe.

She says they are partly relying on mask donations to do so saying each mask given will be worn by that individual each time they enter the hospital.

Mask can also be dropped off at the St. Bernards foundation “We are inviting all masks be donated at the St. Bernard’s Foundation,” says Owens. We are located at 400 East Street in downtown Jonesboro right across from the new tower. You can drop them off between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. every day.”

Owen says that disposable and cloth mask are being accepted but they do love that cloth mask can be reusable and washed.

She says they have posted a cloth mask template on their website, for those interested.


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