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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Multiple planned power outages expected this week

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- Craighead electric has announced two scheduled power outages due to construction that will take place this week starting tomorrow.

The outages are will affect residents in south Jonesboro and the Bay area.

“The Highway Department is doing some construction out off of 1-63, and we’re having to move some overhead line,” says Craighead County Electric Cooperative’s Monty Williams. “Actually, what it is its double circuit and that’s very dangerous to move when it’s energized. So, we’re having to turn that off and safely move it. It’ll be affecting folks ya know 1-63 all the way over to just west of Bay.”

Williams says they’re moving the line is in preparation for the highway department to build a roundabout in the area.

Crews are expected to turn off power tomorrow and Wednesday morning at 8:30 am.

Williams says expect the power to be off for three hours on Tuesday and hour to two hours on Wednesday.

The planned outages are expected to impact roughly 500 customers, for which Craighead Electric is encouraging those to make alternate arrangements if needed.

Williams says they don’t plan on having more outages, as they tried to delay the current ones.

“That’s the only one we know of as of right now,” says Williams. “We’ve tried to backseat a lot of these to keep the number down less. If we do have another planned outage, we’ll definitely let folks know. We hate to turn anyone’s power off especially when it’s warm like it is. We’re hoping with doing it in the morning before it really gets hot.”

Craighead Electric has notified the affected customers of the outages.

Williams also encourages any residents that have questions or concerns about outages to call Craighead Electric.


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