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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Northeast Arkansas High Schools Celebrate Prom

Jessica’s Bridal shop and other community members planned a Northeast Arkansas prom for the High School students in the area. Bridal shop owner Jessica Southard says this was the best way of helping her community.

“We’ve got 128 kids coming. We probably could have had more but we finally had to stop it because we could only hold so many because of the social distancing. We’re taking all the precautions that the governments asked us to take.” Jessica’s Bridal and Formal owner, Jessica Southard.

The idea came from the store realizing how the students weren’t able to celebrate so they asked different stores like The Refinery Boutique, Men in Black Tuxedo and many others for their help.

3 months later, a Northeast Arkansas prom.

“I’m very excited because I didn’t think that my school was going to have a prom, and we didn’t have a prom so this was an opportunity to spend some time with my friends and have fun, in the midst of the pandemic,” Addy Middleton said.

Tickets are for high school students only with students from 20 different area schools.

With donation they will give out gift bags, gift cards, have food and a DJ to make it just like a regular prom.

“I’ve had my dress since February so, I’m just glad I’ll get to put it on and put it to use,” Middleton said.

They will check temperatures, have breathalyzer to make sure no one comes intoxicated. If they come, they have to stay, if they leave, they can’t come back.

“We’re going to have every table sectioned off per school so they can sit with their friends, have a great DJ that’s just going to be good. It’s going to be just like prom, so they’re not missing out on their prom they just may not get to be with their whole class, but they can be with their best friends if they bought tickets,” Southard said.

With being in business for 34 years, Southard is grateful for her customers and the chance to give back.

“It’s not been easy for any of us that have done this, but it’s been fun. I enjoy doing stuff like this, but I feel blessed that I can do this,” Southard said.

The prom will be tomorrow at 6 PM at Harmony Gardens in Jonesboro. While tickets are no longer available, anyone interested in being a chaperon can still help.


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