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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Malco Theaters re-open after three month hiatus

JONESBORO, Ark- Malco movie theaters will re-open today in arkansas after a three-month closure due to covid-19. Vice President and Director of Marketing, Karen Melton says they are happy to welcome guest back with their new changes.

“When they walk up, we’ve got the doors open for them,” says Vice President and Director of Marketing, Karen Melton. “When you come inside, you’re going to see the plexiglass that is up at the guest services and the plexiglass over at concessions. We have floor decals down to keep everybody socially distance, six feet apart at both the entrance at guest services and concessions.”

The theater will follow state guidelines and allow 66% total capacity.

Melton says they each theater will be cleaned in between uses and deep cleans will take place each night.

She says they will have seats blocked off to the left and right of each group.

Melton says they strongly encourage people buy their tickets in advance as it is contactless.

“When you buy your ticket you can buy it online and you can actually print it at home, bring it to the theater and our ushers all have the scanners, the hand held scanners that you see at sporting events and they’ll scan your ticket. You can also use the kiosk to scan it,” says Melton.

Melton says they have made safety changed to their concession area and will have limited menus.

Masks will also be required to wear in the lobby and concession area but may be taken off in the auditorium.

She says she with the spike of covid cases in the state, she knows some people might be hesitant to come back to the theaters.

“You either want to or you don’t,” says Melton. “For those who are still unsure we’ll be there, and we’ll be ready for you when you’re ready to come back.”

Melton says after hearing feedback from the public, they do expect a strong turnout.

She says they are also bringing back hit movies from the 80’s including E.T. and Grease to help kick the weekend off.


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