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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Jonesboro Public Schools Athlete tests positive for COVID-19

According to the superintendent dr. Wilbanks the football player did not pass the screener questions before practice on Wednesday. They were sent home and tested that day.

“So, anytime you have a student who tests positive, the department of education setup a hotline and we able to make a call and provide information to that hotline,” Superintendent, Dr. Kim Wilbanks.

For privacy reasons, they are not releasing the name of the student.

The health department will notify any student who may have been in contact with the individual in case they need to be quarantined or tested.

“But on the school end, we put that in place some extra cleaning precautions in place when we received that notification. So, we actually didn’t have practice for a day to give us some extra time to go in and sanitize additionally before the students return,” Wilbanks said.

Superintendent, dr. Kim Wilbanks, is encouraging anyone who may have symptoms to please stay home.

“I would just like to encourage anyone that does have symptoms how important it is to stay home or be tested because it does put other in jeopardy and we were very fortunate that this individual was very honest and said “I did have symptoms” and it allowed us to not expose of other student athletes,” Wilbanks said.

They will resume practice tomorrow following the guidance and information they receive from the Department of Health.


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