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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Executive Orders signed to Prevent Civil Lawsuits

In an effort to protect businesses, employees and healthcare workers, Governor Hutchinson signed 3 Executive Orders to protect them from any lawsuits during this state of emergency.

“This executive order kind of just lighten that load for me. Took the load off me and I’m like good, I don’t have to worry about that. It’s definitely a good thing,” Chef John Myers

The workers compensation order is where employees can be compensated if they contract covid-19 while working but they must prove that they got sick at their place of employment.

Myers says his employees have been following all the guidelines and steps to keep themselves safe as well as their customers.

“Basically, what we were doing before. Cleaning the tables, wiping them down. Not just the tables but the seats. Being aware of the customer, what they need are and what they’re touching while they’re there. If you see them get up and do something make note, come back by and wipe that off,” Myers said.

The next orders give immunity to help healthcare worker and providers as well as businesses from a civil lawsuit. But this doesn’t include willful reckless or intentional misconduct.

Monday was the first day the parsonage opened 1/3 of the restaurant for dine in service.

Myers says before the news of the executive orders, this was a concern for them because a lawsuit was something, they could handle with everything else.

“We weren’t opening up because of that concern. I saw customers, but we see our customers as family and we don’t want them to get sick and in this legal age, where everyone is suing everyone else, that’s always a concern you don’t want somebody to get sick and have them come back to you. So this executive order just takes this burden off of us,” Myers said.

The immunity is in effect today and will end when the public health emergency order ends in the state.


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