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Jonesboro Public Schools releases plans regarding classes this fall

JONESBORO, Ark- One school district just released their plan for the fall semester that includes changes to accommodate for social distancing.

Changes are coming to Jonesboro Public Schools, as they just released their plans regarding in person classes this fall but with a few differences.

The district will also host online classes to accommodate for students. “Parents have two options.

They either can elect to participate in the blended onsite instruction model,” says Jonesboro Public Schools Superintendent Kim Wilbanks. “What parents are accustomed to, students will primarily be in school, onsite or they can elect to be part of the virtual only instructional program and those students would receive 100% of their instruction virtually and would be at home.”

A survey was sent to JPS parents asking them their choice of in person vs online learning.

So far 200 parents said they prefer the online learning option.

The district is also asking parents to screen their child for covid-19 before they arrive at school.

Wilbanks says the district will provide students’ masks.

“We’ll be look at situations where students and faculty cannot maintain appropriate social distancing and those will be the locations where we’ll really be focusing on students having mask on,” says Wilbanks.

Classrooms will be sanitized in between use.

She expects classes to be smaller, as well as re-designing some classrooms to help with social distancing.

“You have to have the space and staff, and because the state is not providing additional money for space or staff, you’re having to look at your current class size,” says Wilbanks. “That will be reduced some simply because we’ll have the virtual model.”

Wilbanks says they’re waiting on guidance from the state on additional lunch times and changing arrival and dismissal times to ensure social distancing.

She says they are also prepared to transition to complete online learning if needed.


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