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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Crisis Stabilization Unit offers COVID-19 Support Group

For many people, this pandemic can put a lot of strain on an individual’s mental health.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit in Jonesboro have created a support group for people impacted by covid-19. This is not group therapy but is a way to share ways to cope with feelings in a positive way.

“I think there’s a lot of individuals that have this illness that need support from somewhere. They need some sort of emotional support for what they’re going through and what they’re experiencing,” Kimberly Boyette said.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit was made to help during mental health emergencies.

For these support groups there is one for health care workers and another was made for people with covid-19.

“We facilitate emotional support. They are not treatment groups. They’re not intended to treat a mental health problem, they’re not intended to diagnose a mental health problem but we guide those groups, assist individuals with talking about what they’re dealing with how their feeling and maybe just offering support on how to cope with some of that,” Boyette said.

Each group session is an hour and led by a mental health professional.

Once a person registers, they will receive a link and attend as often as needed. It is also free for participation.

They hope to provide a supportive place for them to share their fears and anxiety while also gaining strength and encouragement from each other.

“This is not something that individuals know or have experienced before. So, we really felt like we needed to do something for our community and for lots of counties. Not just for the workers and the patients and any of those folks affected by it,” Boyette said.

People can join a group Monday- Friday at 1 pm by contacting Mid-South Health Systems to register for whichever group you need.


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