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Attorney General Leslie Rutledge visit Jonesboro, talk Jim Bakker Lawsuit

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge visited Jonesboro as a guest of Mayor Harold Perrin.

With her visit to Jonesboro today the Attorney General discusses the many problems people in Northeast Arkansas have had with Suddenlink cable service also address the recent lawsuit against her from televangelist Jim Bakker.

“We want people to know that we’re not trying to get people's personal contact information that we are simply opening up an investigation to make sure Arkansans were not being taken advantage of and that

Mr. Bakker was not in violation of the Arkansas Deception Trade Practices Act.”

The civil action was filed last week just after the state of Missouri sued Bakker.

Attorney General’s spokeswoman, says Arkansas consumers were deceived by Bakker and may have been harmed financially and physically by the pastor’s actions.

The product being mentioned is Silver Solution.

“So, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably it is and in this instance it someone stating they have a cure or that it would help with COVID-19 when in fact it doesn’t, that could be an example of them being taken advantage of.”

While in Jonesboro she toured the NYIT-Medical School A-State, The State Health Department, and Nice-Pak and spoke primarily on the service problem people have with Suddenlink cable service.

“We need that information we’ll have an investigator follow up with you. Once we gather these complaints, we'll be in touch with the company in this instance that is Suddenlink to discuss those issues with them.”

With this problem, the attorney general’s office is still in the investigation stage of this issue.

“We want to address it. I don’t know if we’ll be able to address it expeditiously as people would like it but I know when mine is down, I want it fixed right then.”

The Attorney General wants people know that if they have a complaint regarding Suddenlink to send those to the Attorney General’s office so they can begin a resolution.


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