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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

When Protesting is Stopped, What can you do to Implement Change?

JONESBORO,AR- Over the past few days, we have covered several protests across the nation, including here in Jonesboro.

and now many are wonder, what changes will come from the protests, once they are over

The past few days, social media has been filled with protests and powerful words, but then some are making it known that it shouldn’t stop at just protesting.

“If you are not registered to vote, we’re over here. This is how we implement change.”

Local protest organizers have been pushing for voter registration and passing out educational pamphlets on ways to get more involved in the community.

“Protesting is a blunt instrument that you can use to get a topic on the agenda. That you can get people talking about it,” A-State Professor, Dr. Hans Hacker said.

They believe that will be the next plan of action for things to be different.

“But really the only way affects any kind of change is to develop relationships with the people in your community, interacting with officials and attending meetings, by writing letters,” Hacker said.

Jonesboro organizers are holding another protest at 4, starting at fullness of joy ministry.

“Voter registration is up 200% to 300% within the County of Craighead. So, people see that it's necessary that we do something different to see effective change,” Rashad Kirksey said.

Kirksey says he is glad for the support of the community and knows it will lead to something greater.

“It’s encouraging and inspiring to see citizens of Jonesboro actually taking the upper hand and using their voice and protesting, peacefully protesting and making the necessary steps to be truly effective,” Kirksey said.

For the protest tomorrow, student leaders will have tables set up before the march begins, to register people to vote, and try to educate those about what they can keep doing to help.


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